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Why Progressive Stamping Companies are More Reliable

What is contract manufacturing and why might you need it?

Contract manufacturing is outsourcing components of your project to a company that specializes in the forming of a particular part – and metal stamping is a niche that often requires innovative and proven expertise to deliver the best quality. Knowing which contract manufacturer to trust with your metal stamping needs will depend on the company’s track record, reputation, processes, and cost, among other factors.

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What to Look for in a Metal Stamping Supplier

High-quality metal stamped parts are produced by companies committed to excellence, but finding a metal stamping supplier you can count on can be a challenge.

Unfortunately, costly delays, recalls and inspections do exist.

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Five Industries that Benefit from Metal Stamping

The world of metal stamping has evolved dramatically over the past century. The quality and precision that present-day metal stamping provides makes it a pillar for many industries. The advancements in innovation and precision are incredibly substantial, especially when compared to the challenges faced with metal stamping’s distant ancestors, also known as forging and casting.

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Short Run Metal Stamping: When is it More Beneficial than Metal Fabrication?

Do you need short runs of custom metal formed parts? Deciding which process (metal stamping or fabrication) you’re going to use is an important decision that ultimately affects the quality and cost of your parts.

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Who is Neway’s Stocking Program For?

The question isn’t so much “who” is it for, but what parts could be considered stock-grade? For parts to qualify for our stocking program, we will want to look at the total volume, forecasted demand, order frequency and lifetime of the part.  There is no one-size-fits all, but as a rule of thumb, demand should be considered stable to growing, order frequency should be at minimum four times per year and the lifetime of the part should be at least 5-10 years.  

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The Waves of Manufacturing Change

Few things can slow the pace of change. Manufacturing is evolving at unprecedented rates. What was standard a few years ago may now be obsolete and short run metal stamping is no exception. At Neway Stamping, we have always stayed abreast of change and have historically done well with this approach. But in this evolutionary time, we’re challenging ourselves to do more.

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